Vision technology

Scan and inspect glue beads with 3D vision technology

The use of adhesives is a common method employed in the assembly of automotive and consumer electronic components. Adhesive technology has evolved to the point where it can bond components faster and with higher quality results than welding or traditional fixation methods. In addition, adhesion is used to create a waterproof seal on a variety of component assemblies.

With Gocator®, TKH has designed an innovative, smart 3D vision solution for verifying the adhesive process. Gocator delivers robust scanning and inspection of glue beads – often only 0.1-0.5 mm wide – at a high resolution, ensuring a quality seal as a result.

To deliver an automated glue dispensing system, a Gocator 3D laser profiler is mounted on a robot or nozzle to inspect the adhesive bead and ensure it is being applied along the correct path and within the correct volume tolerance. Sensor measurements are communicated to the dispensing system to adjust the flow of adhesive material and ensure uniform results in real-time. Gocator smart sensors generate the essential 3D data that allows the sensor to quickly and accurately determine the width, position, height and volume of the applied adhesive. And, because 3D is contrast invariant, Gocator is able to scan different types of adhesive materials - including translucent, transparent, glossy and opaque.