TKH parking technology for the University of Texas in Dallas

Due to the substantial growth of the Dallas (USA) university (UT) in the last 10 years, parking capacity has accordingly doubled from 7,000 to 14,000 spaces.

During the planning phase for three new parking garages, involving an expansion to provide more than 2,700 spaces, the university chose to explore technological options to create an easier, more pleasant and more efficient parking experience, for students, teachers, other staff and guests. This led UT Dallas to choose TKH’s patented M4 camera-based smart-sensor parking guidance system because of its technology, the global track record of successful installations, the service and support options and continued focus on innovation, among other aspects.

The colour-coded M4 sensor LEDs indicate clearly and quickly the parking spaces that are occupied and therefore the vacant spaces as well. The use of license plate recognition technology and smart sensors based on camera technology in the parking guidance system ensures optimum capacity utilization. The ability to collect data, images and video while analyzing and reporting key statistics and trends, provides UT Dallas with unprecedented insights to allow the university to maximize parking-space utilization. UT Dallas is now using the system to create a more streamlined parking experience, leading to reduced search times for available parking places. As a result, the M4 parking system has also significantly reduced total CO₂ emissions on campus.