Tire Building Industry

MAXX: a ‘game-changer’ in the tire manufacturing industry

The introduction of the MAXX tire building machine 10 years ago was a game changer for the tire manufacturing industry right from the word go.

The machine is made up of several modules that the tire manufacturing process needs in order to achieve maximum output, coupled with the guarantee of a high-quality output of tires. Set-up times, maintenance and the complexity of the machine are minimized, so it is possible for just a single person to operate more than one system with ‘hands-off, eyes-off’ technology. Visual inspection by ‘human eyes’ has been replaced by high-end vision technology.

This not only speeds up the process of quality control; the operations in question can also be performed in a way that can be shown to be more reliable. From its introduction, the MAXX has been subject to continuous innovation and performance improvement. Innovative modules, such as fully-automatic, optimum distribution of ‘splices’ (the overlap between the start and finish of a layer of rubber added when making the tire) resulting, not least, in a fall in waste material. It has been made possible to produce run-flat tires using ‘hands-off/eyes-off’ technology. And the MAXX can be configured to meet the wishes of customers. From the point at which the MAXX is installed, but also at a later stage when, for instance, the customer’s mix of products changes.

At present, the MAXX can produce not only car tires but also light truck tires, which very heavy and are used on, for example, pick-up trucks. And special tires for electric vehicles which are much narrower and have large inch-denominated sizes can now be built using a fully-automated process on the MAXX.

An important development in the production process is the continuous generation of data so that the entire production process can be monitored. The data are linked to a bar code that is automatically applied to the tire. This makes it possible to track & trace the tire. The data generated is also used to analyze big data. The in-house developed Cortexx HMI system, is equipped with a universal data link that makes it simple to share data with customer systems.