Improved dispensing of medication by using the INDIVION

The fully-automated INDIVION medicine dosage system was recently successfully installed for a launching customer, and used for the first time. The INDIVION comprises an industrial robot that puts canisters, each filled with a specific medication, onto the correct docking stations so that the medications can be dispensed.

With the INDIVION, the maximum drop height for medications in the system is just 20 centimeters compared with an average drop height of one meter, which is customary in the market. This prevents damage or cross-contamination between medicines.

The INDIVION canisters each have a unique RFID tag from which the correct information can be read by a reader linked to the PHARYS database so that the reader can determine precisely which medications are in the machine, and how to control this specific canister for the correct dispensation of medicines. Single dose, multi dose, rush orders, expiry date-related changes, production related to method of treatment; all this is possible using the PHARYS software that helps safeguard the entire process-management chain in the central filling pharmacy together with the control of the INDIVION. The INDIVION has unrivalled capacity and produces up to 10,000 individual units per hour, while providing an absolute minimum risk of cross-contamination and incorrect dosage. The dispensation accuracy of 99.97% is also unrivalled in the market.

Moreover, the INDIVION is the most cost-effective solution available on the market due to the reduction in manual labour and a minimal number of errors that equates to almost zero. This technology, together with the use of validated and certified materials, reduces the business risks for medicine dispensers but, more importantly, reduces health risks to patients. And, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.