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Stakeholders dialogues and matrix

As part of our chain management, we speak to our relevant stakeholders, such as suppliers and customers, on a regular basis. In addition, we have identified other stakeholders we consider strategic for TKH’s interests with whom we confer frequently, including employees, shareholders, banks and analysts.

Relevant TKH stakeholders

We have defined these groups of stakeholders as strategic because of either their impact on TKH or TKH’s impact on them. By entering into a dialogue with them, we can share our vision, policy, strategy and expectations and test these out with a view to further refinement. For the most part, we rely on our operating companies to conduct these stakeholder dialogues with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Stakeholder dialogues

TKH conducts frequent consultations with stakeholders who have various interests in our company. Our starting point is always that we want to create value for our stakeholders and use their input to constantly improve our organisation. The talks are mainly conducted with Group employees, according to the theme. We work together with management from subsidiaries, sales and HR. The Executive Board is frequently involved in stakeholder talks and meetings.

In the reporting year, stakeholder dialogues were held in which our strategy and policy were discussed. These dialogues can be divided into different themes:
• Business development
• Good employership
• Investor Relations
• Value chain initiatives
• Verifying our sustainability policy

Further information about our stakeholder dialogues can be found in the Annual Report 2017.

Materiality matrix

The materiality matrix was compiled, in part, based on the outcomes of the stakeholder dialogues and comprises issues of material interest to the TKH business and our shareholders. In addition, the company’s strategic goals have been considered in drafting the matrix, along with ongoing CSR projects, general governance principles and the results of customer and employee satisfaction surveys.

Further information about the materiality matrix can be found in the TKH Annual Report 2017.