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The company’s place and distinctiveness in the world in which it operates. Safeguarding our good reputation.

We conduct our activities in accordance with the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. We then report responsibly on these activities in our annual report to keep our stakeholders apprised of our operations and overall growth and development. In addition we aim to validate our sustainability policy by following internationally recognized standards in terms of quality and other criteria and adhering to sustainability labels such as FSC. And we hope to expound sustainability at the earliest stage in any process through our innovations.

TKH strives to produce a balanced, sustainable product portfolio, with innovative concepts tailored to customer demand. Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the composition and development of our product portfolio.

TKH constantly tries to exceed its customers’ expectations by offering best-in-class solutions. Customer intimacy plays an important role within the organisation. We know what they want and are able to provide tailormade solutions. We regard our relationship with our customers as very valuable.

The annual report 2016 containts an extensive report about CSR - Positionig where we explain the following themes:

  • Product portfolio
  • Sustainable customer relations
  • Code of Supply
  • Human rights
  • Community involvement, Integrity
  • Distortions to competition
  • Community investments

For a full report about CSR - Positioning, we kindly refer to the annex on this page.

Code of Supply

TKH has a zero-tolerance policy regarding unethical business behaviour and  we expect our suppliers to follow the same standards. Our requirements are set out in our Code of Supply The Code include requirements on:

  • Legislation
  • Human rights
  • Health & safety management
  • Environment
  • Ethical conduct

Every supplier with a purchase volume of > €1 million within our company should sign the TKH Code of Supply. In case a supplier does not respect one or more of the demands we pose in this Code, we expects this supplier to take action immediately in order to comply as soon as possible. In case the supplier refuses or does not show sufficient progress concerning the non-compliances, TKH will reconsider its cooperation with this supplier.

We realise that being able to comply to certain standards is partly dependent on local circumstances of the supplier or production location. In case the local situation makes it difficult to adhere to the agreed standards, we start the dialogue with the suppliers to work towards a satisfactory solution.

The Code of Supply can be downloaded on this page.

For the complete report about CSR - Positioning we refer to enclosed pdf.