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Mission and strategy CSR

As an international technology company, TKH wishes to help build a sustainable society.

CSR mission

This means that every company decision we make takes into account not only the effect on profitability, but also the possible consequences and repercussions for the people in or involved with our organisation and the impact on the environment and our own reputation.

TKH wishes to constantly ensure that its technological solutions and corresponding services meet current demands and needs without jeopardising future needs and facilities.

At TKH CSR is an important tool for integrating sustainability into its day-to-day operations. A variety of sustainability issues emerge in managing the value chain. And TKH has a presence in a growing number of value chains in different capacities, as customer, producer, supplier or partner. In all these different functions, TKH tries to ensure uniformity in terms of its CSR principles.

CSR strategy

TKH’s general strategy has been translated into a specific strategy designed to ensure sustainable operations. We are aware of our social duty and have named CSR as one of the strategic priorities. In doing so we have taken the position that business can be conducted in a sustainable manner only if an integrated approach to CSR policy is adopted in day-to-day operations. In order to discharge our social and environmental responsibility to the best of our ability, we concentrate on themes that are meaningful for us and for our stakeholders, where we can have a material impact and exercise true influence. We consider the impact of our activities and business on four core areas:

  • Planet: Concern for the environment and climate – the impact of the business on the natural environment
  • People: The social aspect of the business – how the business affects people
  • Profit: The economic side of the business – a precondition for the company’s continuity
  • Positioning: The company’s place and distinctiveness in the world in which it operates – safeguarding our reputation

TKH’s aim is to adopt an integrated approach to CSR, striking a good balance between short- and medium-term results, while not losing sight of corporate interests. We report on our activities in accordance with the international guidelines prescribed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 4.0). The GRI table in the section other information of the financial statements provides an overview of the performance indicators we report on.