Management Development (MD) program

A Management Development (MD) program for young TKH managers with growth potential is established in collaboration with Nyenrode Business University in Breukelen (the Netherlands) since a few years.

The program provides insight into the skills of the participants, who can potentially qualify for promotion to a managerial or key position in our organization. The aim is to fill as many management functions as possible internally. In the year under review, some senior management functions were also filled through internal promotion or job rotation. This also includes former participants in the MD program.

In its search for new talent, TKH maintains close contacts with business schools and universities. We have close connections with educational institutes that provide job-specific or management training courses. We offer work placements, thesis placements and minors in order to attract potential talents at an early stage. From August 2017 our subsidiary VMI started a two-year study program designed especially by and for VMI engineers. It offers participants the opportunity of expanding technical expertise, both on an individual basis and by means of group sessions. In addition to personal development, knowledge is also gleaned from technological developments.