Creating added value for all key stakeholders while, at the same time, being a solid investment for shareholders is a key pillar of TKH’s strategy.

We do this with healthy balance sheet ratios and a strong cash flow from our operating activities, with a focus on the development of the company. We aim to achieve an annual increase in earnings per share, and a net debt/EBITDA ratio of no more than 2.0. Cash generated will be reinvested in businesses with above-average growth potential and/or distributed to shareholders. Structural excess cash can be used for share buyback programs, dividends, and/or strategic investments with an attractive return on investment.

TKH will expand through organic growth and acquisitions, with a geographical focus on Europe, North America, and Asia. In the case of acquisitions, the emphasis is on structurally healthy companies that strengthen our portfolio of proprietary technologies or enhance our sales network. We aim to acquire a turnover of € 100 million to € 150 million in the medium term, while continuing to manage our portfolio to decrease activities with lower margin and growth potential.

Due to our focus on activities with higher margin potential, organic growth combined with cost efficiency, acquisitions, and divestments, the medium-term target for our ROS exceeds 17%. The range for the medium-term ROCE target is 22–25%.

Facts & figures

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