Being a technology business, TKH uses dependable R&D road maps to focus on the development of our four core technologies. By integrating these technologies effectively, we create unique, innovative, total solutions that are suitable for multiple markets.

We have in-depth knowledge of processes and technologies and have insight into our customers’ markets and processes. By adding specific application know-how, we are specialists in seven defined vertical growth markets. With our know-how and expertise we are able to offer tailored solutions to our customers in the fields of R&D, engineering, marketing, process development, project management, and assembly and logistics. By using basic technology platforms we are able to deliver the best possible solution in terms of return on investment (ROI) and efficiency. The engagement and contribution of all of our employees play an important part in our value creation. We stimulate enterprise and talent-development within our group, which helps us to improve our long-term value creation continuously.

Value creation model

Success in the market based on strategic principles:

  • Innovations with a high return on investment for our customers.
  • Technologies focused on efficiency, safety/security and reliable processes.
  • Seven vertical growth markets in which the core technologies are positioned as a one-stop-shop for our customers.