TKH has made significant steps to transform its organization and increase its focus on value creation, following the successful implementation of its Simplify & Accelerate program introduced in 2019.

On Capital Markets Day in November 2021, TKH launched a new program: Accelerate 2025. This program underlines the strong foundation and value potential of TKH by introducing new and higher targets for 2025. In addition, TKH unveiled a new technology-focused segmentation, centered around Smart Technologies.

Accelerate 2025 includes actions to boost turnover and ROS by unlocking the full potential of our innovations and disruptive technologies. Benefiting from current market positions and megatrends, such as automation and digitalization, sustainability, and safety and security, we will take full advantage of the expected market growth. In addition, TKH will increase its focus on sustainability within its strategy, with strong ambitions and new non-financial targets.

Priorities ACCELERATE 2025