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Wireless domotics system of TKH

Wireless domotics system of TKH: a revolution against a fraction of costs of traditional systems

The TKH brand Eminent introduces a new solution in the field of domotics: e-Domoatica. Emenint offers a unique combination of alarm system, camera surveillance and operating electrical equipment.

Protecting your home, actively and focused on energy saving, central control for your lightings if you're not there, or using only one button to switch on the lights when you are entering the room. All functions through one central screen that you can set and control by yourself. Fully wireless, with the technique of Z-Wave, and against a fraction of costs of traditional systems.

The central wireless and easy to use home automation system is new to the Dutch market. In the digital world it is called the "third screen in the house" after the introduction of television and the computer. A development which, as expected, the next few years will take a enormous flight. Because of the comfort and the numerous applications. But also because of the relatively low investment cost, so a broader group can effort it.

Moreover, the system is very user friendly, fast and easy to install by yourself and make it as comprehensive as you want. More information can be found on the website of Eminent: