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The BB Lightpipe is a professional lighting system that is ideally suited for use in shopping centres, office, sport complexes, underground and multi-storey car parks and department stores. The lamp armature is discharged with a transparent tube. An optical film supplied is laminated to the inside of the tube. The design disperses the light generated by the discharge uniformly and efficiently throughout the tube, resulting in high quality, homogenous lighting.

This sustainable innovation is notified for the Cradle to Cradle certificate.


All advantages on a row:


1) Excellent colour rendering (RA92) against TLD (RA70).

2) Passing through light lines gives uniform lighting and prevents shade. This increases safety feeling.

3) No dazzling and no light spots (Very Low UGR value).

4) No pollution of the optic during the whole lifespan.

5) Completely prepared for LED technology.

6) Simple and quick crack free replacing of lamps.

7) Vandal resistant light tube from impact-proof polycarbonate.

8) Standard dimmable (to safe energy) and standard emergency lighting.

9) Also by low temperature the same lumen output